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As an artist, I work alone. But I am part of a larger community.

Pet Portraits by Sue

Yep, that’s me. I love painting animals so much that I devote a large part of my life as an artist to that specialty. I also feel that my pet portraits need to speak for themselves in their own website. Please visit me and my fellow critters there….


My logo Lynn is an animal doodle artist who lives and works in Seattle. She sells her joyful, colorful, creative doodles in shops and other venues. Please contact her at

Newton Art Association in Newton MA

The Newton Art Association is comprised of a group of artists in Newton, Massachusetts, who are dedicated to nurturing the expression of fine arts in our community. Our activities include artists’ demonstrations, critique sessions, the organization of exhibitions of members’ work, “salon” evenings, and an annual soiree. I have participated in numerous activities through the NAA, and this association has helped to make me feel rooted in the community of artists in my city.

The Becket Arts Center of the Hilltowns in Becket MA

Serving both year-round residents of the Berkshires, as well as summer vacationers, the Becket Arts Center encourages and fosters the arts. Its diverse activities include numerous classes and workshops, for both adults and children, as well as lectures, exhibitions and special activities.

Topics explored at the Center include, but are not limited to, drawing, painting, collage, needlework, manuscript illumination, cooking, puppetry, and yoga. I have taken classes at the BAC, and have exhibited in the members’ show.

The Art Connection in Boston MA

The Art Connection is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make visual art accessible to people who might otherwise not have access to it in their daily lives. The organization functions as a sort of middleman between artists and other non-profit agencies, such as shelters for battered women, health centers, etc. Artists donate their work to the Art Connection, which then makes it available to for agencies to select at their own discretion. I love the concept of the Art Connection, and have donated several oil paintings to them.

Museum of Fine Arts in Boston MA

The MFA is a world -renowned museum, housing a large and diverse permanent collection. It also hosts high caliber special exhibits throughout the year. In addition, through its affiliation with Tufts University, it serves as home to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, providing both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the visual arts. The Museum also reaches out to the community at large, offering an array of workshops and activities for people of all ages. As a resident of the Boston area and a member of the MFA, I often attend films, lectures, and special exhibits that are of interest to me.

Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge MA

The Norman Rockwell Museum houses the world’s largest and most significant collection of the work of Norman Rockwell. It also hosts numerous special exhibits. The museum is dedicated to fostering education about and appreciation of fine illustration. Since I am often in the Berkshires, I am a member and frequent visitor of the Norman Rockwell Museum. I always find it an uplifting experience; not only do I love the graceful narrative quality of the illustrations, but I also love the fact that they reflect kindness, tolerance, wisdom, gentle humor, and love of animals.

Jacob’s Pillow in Becket MA

Jacob’s Pillow is a dance institution nestled in the Berkshires. Its mission is to support dance creation, to presentation, education, and preservation, and to engage and deepen the public’s appreciation and support for dance as an art form. Every summer Jacob’s Pillow offers world class performances, and has a professional on-site school. Year round it offers extensive dance archives to the public free of charge, and has community and creative development programs. As I visual artist, I draw inspiration from watching dance. Everything from the sets, the lighting, the costumes, and the movements of the dancers inspires my imagination. To its credit, Jacob’s Pillow is a pet friendly environment. I must confess, however, that I think my dog Sebby enjoys the crumbs from people’s picnics more than the dancing.

Helena Wurzel in Brookline MA

In this surprising and sometimes backwards world, my daughter has been my primary source of support and encouragement in my development as an artist. Helena (aka Lanie) makes artwork that tells stories, both in her narrative figure paintings and in her exquisite paper cut-outs. Her artwork hangs in many private collections, including the Saturday Night Live office in New York City. She currently teaches intermediate painting at the University of New Hampshire. I envy her students.

Marian Dioguardi in Newton MA

Marian Dioguardi is my painting teacher, mentor, and friend. Her work speaks, or rather sings, for itself. Please visit her website.

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